War Chief

The War Chief is a Sioux warrior. The Sioux Indians were the same tribe who fought General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, wiping out his entire command of over 265 men. This Chieftain is 'dressed-out' in Sioux- Cheyenne Indian garb.

Actually, the Sioux Nation is broken into seven sub-tribes, (the Blackfoot, etc.)...These seven tribes belong to a family called "Teton Lakota". "Sioux" means "Snake", and was bestowed upon them by their Red Brothers to the East, as a warning to the encroaching white trappers. A Sioux on the ground was just another tough Indian, but put a good war 'hoss' under a score of them, and "Watch out entire U. S. of A. Army!!!!!" They, and most of the rest of their Red Brothers, at least, were equals to history's best cavalry soldiers...in my opinion, they were the best!!!!

- Bill O'Neill

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