This is the actual panograph used by Bill to help transpose his face onto the drawing Out Buffaloed. In the picture he's holding on for his life, in real life he's holding his daughter, Charlie!

B-9 Herd Boss-Stallion

The original is 30" x 40" and is almost entirely composed of "dots" which are arranged to form a larger picture. The French call this form of art pointillism. It takes about a year to complete each drawing.

C-9 Broken Treaties

This picture, Broken Treaties, is near completion at this point. After the drawing is completed, a negative image will be created and then used to make the prints that are available to the public.

B-3 Cougar-Whitetail

Cougar Whitetail was drawn in 1978 and was followed up later with C-6 Snow Creek Deer and C-7 Snow Fall Cougar to illustrate the circle of life.

B-5 Morning Mist Moose

Photographed nine months into the drawing you can see the progress and also see how far there is to go.