I'm lucky, and happy to find that a lot of you folks out there, care enough about ol' Will' O'Neill, (me), that you want to know something about my life!!

I'm probably luckiest for being born within earshot of the Rapids of the Yellowstone, (Livingston, Montana, 1926), and having good parents, who encouraged my brothers, sisters and me to explore the surrounding wilderness area, (we fought so much, I suspect they were trying to tell us to qet "Lost")!! Sketching and photographing this beautiful and exciting country just came naturally!

Engineering and architectural training prepared me for various types of intricate art, such as geological and geographical aerial mapping. However, combining whatever advertising and commercial illustration skills I have developed, to produce sketches that YOU and the public enjoy is my greatest joy!

Mostly got started in art, when my army engineer buddies sent my cartoons to the Pacific Stars and Stripes, (Occupied Japan, 1946)! This was the kick-off for a life of commercial illustration with leading magazines, newspapers, department stores, engineering, mining, construction companies, advertising agencies.., world-wide locations.., (handled mostly in Montana)!!

'Loved sports, (best at football)! Liked music, (best at band!) Most fun was in mixed-glee, 'til my voice changed. Was moved from the girl-section, to the men.., and the "Glee" was gone! Wherever there was fishin', huntin', (now with a camera, instead of a gun), drinkin', (now soda pop, instead of booze), hikin', gamblin' or ladies, I tried to not be too far away!! In the latter category, I really lucked out! 'Married Linda, (my best friend, and younger than my previously fathered children)! Another lady.., "Lady-Luck".., laughed last!! She blessed us with a son, followed by a harem, the youngest being one year older 'n' (our) great-grandaughter!!

So, I'm a gambler, but so are you.., (You deal with the opposite sex, don't you)? And besides, some of you've called my hand, demanding to see my Hole-Card! (A pic' of myself)!! It'll cost you one of our "Out-Buffaloed" prints, to see all, 6' tall, 200 lbs. of me being thrown from Ol' Blaze (again), at fifty years young!! ('Wasn't as ugly at 50, as I am now.., but not as "cute" as I was at 21 or 3 years old, so it averages out, huh? Seriously, good luck an' good health, to you an' yor'n!!

Linda-Bill O'Neill

P.S. ....(Parting point)....
Our primary purpose of the post-paragraph, pin-points promotional propaganda persuading persons pondering procuring posters, to positively patronize us, purchasing our picture-prints...Pilgrim!!
- Bill O'Neill


I have some very sad news that I have to tell you, and for those of you who knew Bill  personally, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

As many of you are aware, Bill had been struggling over the years with a horrible neurological disease that we could barely pronounce. Sadly, the disease has won the battle and Bill lost.

I feel much the better person for having known Bill all of these years and I will always admire his bravery and unfailing courage with which he accepted his fate. He was my very best pal and I will miss him forever.

The best tribute that I can give to Bill is to continue with the business that we worked on so long together. Bill, thankfully, had the foresight to have ‘stockpiled’  enough original drawings, that I will be able to release them periodically for some time to come. In fact, you will probably run out of wall space before we run out of prints.

I am releasing a commemorative issue of the last picture Bill was working on before he died. Of course, the original isn’t finished. However, as part of a memorial on the print, I have included a small drawing in the form of a remarque. Bill used to sign off on letters he wrote to me with this cartoon, (He didn’t call me ‘Pard’, but I believe this is the thought Bill would like to leave you with.) I’m sure it’s an appropriate good-bye to you from him. I’ve enclosed a picture of it at the end of this letter. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

On Bill’s behalf, I would like to thank you very much for your years of business, support and friendship.